Monday, June 7, 2010

Who wears white while swimming?

 I want this bikini from Asos but not in white, white is what you wear when you have brown skin and don't plan on doing much swimming.

Cant find my camera :( Not cool. I wanted to take a picture of my wardrobe door. Yesterday I got a little creative and stuck the photos I printed a couple of weeks ago up from last year. Theyre in order as well which is pretty cool. It is funny though seeing how I grew in size. The Swedish food was just too good to resist! Plus it doesnt matter because I have been going to the gym lots so soon I will look even hotter than the top pictures.

Today I spent the day hanging about and napping. I did a lliiitttle bit of study but should have done way more. Instead I started planning mine and my swedish boy's adventures we are going to have when he gets to NZ. Way more exciting than study.

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