Monday, June 14, 2010

It's not getting any funner...

So Thursday afternoon seems forever away but that is when I will finally be free from exams FREE! I cannot wait. I hate being trapped in my house pratically and doing nothing but attempt to learn the same things over and over. Plus having my laptop is such a distraction, I just search for clothes I want to buy online. Bad me.

Anyway I lost my iPod last week. Not cool. I loved it. I think it fell out of my pocket on the train so no hope there. Too many sticky fingers. I am going to have to buy another one but i can't decide what colour!The colours I am trying to decide out of are green, purple, orange and blue. Too hard! I am getting this kind, it has a video recorder which is cooool. 

I love the back of this dress. Bows are the shizz.

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